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Today, Gyumri hosts major events symbolizing friendship, gratitude and humanity.

Public events will begin with a Flash mob of Gratitude with the participation of several thousand schoolchildren from Gyumri, the aim of which is to highlight the importance of humanitarian support and gratitude. One hundred years ago, the children who survived the Armenian Genocide delivered their unique photo message of Gyumri. Today, more than a century later, schoolchildren will once again say “Thank you, everyone” to once again emphasize the importance of the symbol of gratitude.

The flash mob will be held in Gyumri Vardanants Square and will be followed by visits from philanthropists, Aurora Goodwill Ambassadors and Laureates to Gyumri Friendship Park to participate in the official event dedicated to the park’s renovation.

The Gyumri Friendship Park renovation project was implemented by the Foundation Initiatives for the Development of Armenia (IDeA) within the Gyumri Development Program. The project aims to federate and develop the infrastructures of Gyumri, and conveys a message of friendship and gratitude.

The cultural events of October 17 will be followed by the large open-air concert of Vladimir Avetisyan and the D’Black Blues Orchestra. The concert will start at 6:00 p.m., with Armenian folk rock group Bambir and TmbaTa orchestra.

During the concert in Gyumri, D’Black Blues Orchestra will present their “Anthology of Blues. Part II ”, which includes a series of world famous blues tracks. The concert will also be a symbol of friendship and gratitude.

The D’Black Blues Orchestra is led by musician, businessman, philanthropist and founder of the EVITA Charitable Foundation, Vladimir Avetisyan. Friend of Armenia, having already played in Yerevan and Dilijan, Vladimir Avetisyan is also one of the founding patrons of the UWC Dilijan international school and donor of the Aurora Humanitarian Initiative.

D’Black Blues Orchestra is a musical group made up of members from Russia, the United States, Spain and France. The group’s unique performances ensure that this concert will become an unforgettable event for the people of Gyumri. Free entry.

Distinguished guests and representatives of the international community will be invited to all events in Gyumri.

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