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To the readers’ forum:

I would like to understand the refusal of some people to be vaccinated against the Covid-19 virus. None of the reasons for refusal stand up to scrutiny. Whatever the origin of Covid, the world is affected, so it is called a pandemic. This is a medical question, not a political one. Therefore, if you refuse a proven vaccine and/or masks for political reasons, you apparently don’t understand a pandemic at all.

There are only a few ways to medically deal with a pandemic caused by an airborne virus – masks, vaccines, treatments and distancing, whether by mandate or by choice. You should also know that “Science”, until the theories are proven, can be confusing, but the methods of dealing with a pandemic have been proven. In other words, scientists, doctors and others who deal with pandemics must prove or have already proven their success. This is particularly true with vaccinations for the eradication of childhood and adult communicable diseases as well as with the Covid vaccine.

So, if you trust scientists, doctors and other medical workers with your general health, it makes no health sense not to trust them regarding Covid. If you trust these same people to get your kids vaccinated to attend public school, it makes no sense to be wary of mandates, especially temporary ones, to get through the Covid pandemic.

Of course, there will always be exceptions to the rules we have come to understand, and careful examination usually produces reasons. However, as in all medical situations, medical practitioners normally follow proven protocols and constantly try to find better solutions. The whole process of evolving medical science can be confusing, but the initial confusion usually leads to better results. The same process applies to the evolution of Covid-specific medical issues.

Covid-19 will hopefully go away or at least become much more manageable, but the way things are slowly changing “too much” people will have died or suffered short- and long-term complications during this time. We should also not forget how badly the healthcare services industry is affected. I also hope that more people will understand that Covid is a medical issue, not a political one, and respond with medical practices that we know work. Your life and mine depend on science and medicine.

Paul L. Demler


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