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Thomas McDermott Jr.

NAPPANEE – “Jobs Tour”, a public educational forum, will be held in Nappanee at 3 p.m. on Saturday, March 5.

Among the economic benefits Hoosier families have received from the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act and the US bailout are massive improvements to roads and bridges, as well as public transportation. Helping Hoosiers understand the deployment of the billions of dollars that have been allocated to Indiana is the intent of the “Jobs Tour” program.

This public event for residents of Kosciusko, Elkhart and Marshall counties will be held at 159 E. Lincoln St., Nappanee; free parking is available in the adjacent municipal car park. This forum will be held on a rotating basis in 2022 in each Indiana congressional district.

Speakers at the event will be local and state officials, including Destiny Wells, Democratic nominee for Indiana secretary of state; Thomas McDermott Jr., current mayor of Hammond and Democratic candidate for the United States Senate; Maureen Bauer, Indiana State Representative from the 6th District; and Aaron Mishler, Elkhart 1st District Councilman.

“The US bailout and the Infrastructure and Jobs Act sent billions to Indiana for transportation improvements,” McDermott said.

Seven billion new dollars coming into Indiana are part of Build Back Better funds to fix roads and bridges in all 92 counties, and $680 million will improve public transportation systems. A total of $40.2 million has been allocated to Elkhart County, but much of it has yet to be implemented due to various local partisan delay mechanisms. One of the goals of the Jobs Tour is to encourage local governments in Elkhart County to use these funds in a timely manner.

The impact of the Jobs Act money is already evident in many parts of Indiana. Destiny Wells will talk about her experiences visiting workers across the state.

“When I visit our union leaders, they tell me the union halls are empty because their members are working because of the Biden administration’s investment in Indiana,” Wells said. “The Jobs Act was designed to set aside partisanship and focus on the kitchen table issues that matter most to Americans, and it delivered.”

The Jobs Tour is also part of the process by which local Democrats and party leaders discuss policy elements that will shape ‘The Hoosier Promise’ party platform, which will move from draft to final document to be approved at the convention. of the Indiana Democratic Party in June. The March 5 event is organized by ACT Nappanee-Wakarusa, the Elkhart County Young Democrats and the Elkhart County Democratic Party.

In accordance with CDC guidelines, the wearing of masks and social distancing are recommended for this indoor event.

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