Mandryk: Province needs plan to protect jobs in Evraz


It might be an uncomfortable conversation, but it’s surely not unprecedented.

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We need meaningful action to ensure Evraz Steel’s profits no longer flow to Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich and other oligarchs who supported Vladimir Putin and his war on Ukraine.

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What has so far been proposed by NDP Leader Ryan Meili may not be unachievable. That said, it is undoubtedly better than what was offered by the Saskatchewan Party government which avoided a complicated and difficult situation.

As such, we should not simply reject what the NDP is proposing. It is at least a starting point.

“Do you own it for a while and then unload it? Do you own a majority share and then sell it? Or, do you own it and continue to own it? Meili told reporters last week when calling for Abramovich to be cut. “It really requires a deeper conversation.”

This is surely the case. This is not an easy task. This requires strong assurances that we are not violating our corporate ownership laws, our constitution and, frankly, the very democratic freedoms that Putin aims to destroy in Ukraine. But we need to have this conversation. It is absolutely necessary.

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