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ORCHID: To the Warren Rotary Club for sponsoring one of its most successful Slice of the Valley fundraisers this past weekend at the Eastwood Event Center in Niles. Twelve pizza companies and six beer establishments from across the Mahoning Valley took part in the tasty competition. Not only did the pizza night delight the palates of some 1,600 spectators, but it also raised around $40,000 in cheese for worthy local charities. We are confident that these charities will also enjoy the fruits of the exemplary work of Warren Rotary members and supporters.

ORCHID: To the eighth grade Power of The Pen team from local LaBrae schools for winning the recent district tournament among 15 eighth grade teams from Northern Ohio. The students excelled in the creative writing competition. The team members’ literary talents propelled them to last weekend’s regional competition hosted by local lake schools; the results of which will be published shortly. We are confident that the team performed exceptionally well and will be a source of pride for their school and community.

ONION: To Warren City Councilman Ken MacPherson for his heavy-handed reaction to a statement made by Council Speaker John Brown. The vulgar and derogatory comment was not only disrespectful to Brown, but it was also childish. How can we expect the public to treat others – including their elected officials – with proper decorum and respect when our leaders and public servants cannot do this to each other? Hopefully this shameful incident reminds our elected officials to treat each other with respect, especially in formal public hearings.

ORCHID: To nearly 100 Youngstown Radio Reading Service volunteers on the service’s 30th anniversary at its Youngstown Area Goodwill Industries studios on Belmont Avenue in Liberty. The service provides a wealth of news and information from volunteer readers broadcasting to the target audience of blind and visually impaired people throughout the Mahoning Valley. We are particularly pleased and flattered that YRRS provides around two hours of reading each evening of the day’s edition of the Tribune Chronicle.

ONION: Speeding in residential neighborhoods that threatens the health and safety of the people and pets that live there. In Hubbard, for example, Director of Safety William Bancroft told city council this week that speeding in neighborhoods had gotten out of control, particularly in the Drummond Avenue and Jacobs Road areas. In one case, a pet was killed by a speeding vehicle. Bancroft also warned motorists that police would crack down on speeding. We call for tough penalties for offenders.

ORCHID: To the Mayor of Girard, Jim Melfi, and other city officials for planning to repair and upgrade the 80-year-old community gymnasium inside City Hall. Over the decades, the gymnasium, one of the few nationwide located inside a municipal building, has been used more than its fair share for basketball, volleyball and events community and fundraising. We are delighted to see that the facility will be given a facelift to preserve and enhance its legacy as the quintessential Girard asset.

ONION: To the pernicious individual or individuals who hacked into a Warren City Council Zoom meeting last week. Townspeople who tuned in to the meeting expecting to hear a serious discussion about the possible benefits of a charter form of government were instead met with a volley of rude, sexist and racist remarks from of those who crashed the online event. The hacker also insulted and intimidated a board member and the forum’s featured speaker. Let this embarrassing fiasco be a wake-up call for city officials to ensure strict controls are in place to prevent similar hacking jobs in the future.

ORCHID: To Belinda Weiss, new director of the National McKinley Memorial Birthplace Museum for her thoughtful plans to expand the scope of the Niles Historic Landmark. Weiss, who has gained a wealth of experience over the past 11 years at the Arms Family Museum of Mahoning Valley history in Youngstown, aims to present more special events to attract visitors and expand the reach of the community by promoting the museum. with outside groups. We look forward to Weiss’ exciting plans coming to fruition.



Then I heard again what sounded like the cry of a vast crowd or the roar of mighty ocean waves or the crash of mighty thunder: “Praise the Lord! For the Lord our God, the Almighty, reigns.

Revelation 19:6-7 NLT

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