Solar manufacturing industry provides 30,000 jobs a year: Govt


The solar manufacturing industry provides 29,900 new jobs every year based on installed capacity, the government informed the Rajya Sabha on Tuesday. Under solar manufacturing, the module and capacity to date is 11,500 MW, State Minister for New and Renewable Energy Bhagwanth Khuba said.

“One MW provides 2.6 jobs per year and on that basis 29,900 annual jobs per year,” he said.

The government also provides training through programs and as of February 2022, around 62,000 people had been trained.

The minister was responding to a question from YSRCP member V Vijayasai Reddy on the measures taken by the government for the penetration of renewable energy projects in rural areas and the number of jobs generated.

Khuba further said that the government is eager to build solar power parks in various states. It will meet the requirements of the state government and help in this regard.

Energy Minister RK Singh, who was also present in the Upper House, said the government already had a PLI (production-linked inventive) program for solar manufacturing here of around Rs 8,500 MW.

The Union finance minister has now announced a second PLI scheme in the budget of Rs 19,500 crore, he added.

“For that too, we are going to present an offer,” he said, adding: “That is not the only step we are taking. We have also put in place a tariff barrier.”

From now on, the import of modules from other countries will incur a 40% customs duty and sales will incur a 20% customs duty, the Union Minister said without naming the country.

“We already have a manufacturing capacity of 15,000 MW and we want to increase it. We want to emerge as an exporter of the module,” he said.

When it comes to Make-in-India, the country has made progress and there would be more progress in this area, he added.

The minister further informed that India has solar parks worth 30,000 MW and adding more as projects come in.

According to an analysis released in January 2022 by the Energy, Environment and Water Council, the Natural Resources Defense Council and the Green Jobs Skills Council, the cumulative addition of 81 GW renewable energy created approximately 1,11,400 full-time equivalents. ‘ employment through different phases of the project starting in August 2021, he said.

BJP’s TG Venkatesh highlighted the problems faced by generators. State governments are delaying incentives from the Center and the court and industry regulators are delaying judgment on transportation costs and other issues, he said.

In response, Union Minister Singh said, “We have meetings with the regulators forum… We have stressed to them that they should not create unnecessary hurdles in the establishment of renewables and that the wait before their courts must be lifted.

The government has also pointed the finger at regulators, who have a large number of cases pending before them.

“We have a case tracking system with regulators,” he said, adding “It’s an issue we’re aware of.”

Singh also added that India had met its target of having 40% of its energy needs from non-fossil fuels, nine years ahead in November 2021.

“Our renewable energy growth rate is the fastest in the world and continues to be the fastest,” he said, adding “we will reach the 500 gigawatt (GW) goal.”

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