Suspected Forum Group fraudster Bill Papas appears at Xanthi’s football game


“I am very happy to be here today at Xanthi Arena, to watch AOX and to be close to the fans and the whole team who are working every day for the best result,” he said.

“After a particularly difficult year with the restrictions of the pandemic, the most important today is the return of our supporters to the stadium. AOX has the right infrastructure and all the specifications for a really strong year. With zest, cooperation and consistency, all of our goals will become achievable.

Xanthi would be owned by Mazcon Investments Hellas IKE, according to documents cited by this mast. Mazcon owns 94.4% of Xanthi, as well as four properties in Thessaloniki. It was at one of them that Mr. Papas was photographed by the australian Financial analysis in July.

In an affidavit to the Federal Court of Australia in August, Mr Papas said: “With regard to the entities in Greece, I am a director and 98% shareholder of Iugis Hellas IKE. I sold my shares in Mazcon Investments Hellas IKE around March 2021. “

He made no specific mention of Xanthi or any other Greek asset except Igis Hellas and the sale of Mazcon shares. However, documents filed with Mazcon show that Mr. Papas remains the 99% shareholder and no major sales of investments such as Xanthi are listed.

Mr. Papas, who is registered under the name Vasileios Papadimitriou in the Greek Commercial Register, remains registered as a director of Mazcon Investments Hellas IKE, owning 99% of the entity. Anastasios Giamouridis owns 1% of Mazcon and is listed as general manager of Xanthi FC, according to the documents.

In August, Westpac attorney Jeremy Giles, SC, said the bank had “serious concerns” even looking at Mr. Papas’ affidavit on a superficial level.

“For example, in one of the affidavits, he states that he sold the shares of Mazcon Investments in March, which, oddly enough, would be before the events were discovered,” he said.

“We simply do not accept this as an accurate statement, and will provide timely proof of payments on the Forum Group Financial Services account at Mazcon of approximately $ 2 million by mid-June of this year.”

Westpac alleges that Mazcon received at least $ 16.5 million fraudulently obtained and siphoned off through the Forum Group entities.

Mr Giamouridis, a Greek national, has also been added as a defendant to the Westpac proceedings. Westpac claims that Mr. Giamouridis received at least $ 10.7 million in traceable money from Forum Group Financial Services, which it claims was obtained fraudulently by the Forum entity.

However, the bank does not make any claim against Mr. Giamouridis other than that he has received funds. Mr. Giamouridis did not file any document concerning this case.

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