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This article is written with sadness. Because many of my ancestors have supported the Republican Party since the days of Lincoln. What happened to the GOP?

We need a strong conservative party and a strong liberal party! Both parties must present their points of view forcefully, with civility and transparency. Everyone must be ready to work together.

A turning point has been reached! Recently, the Republican National Committee described the January 6 attack on the National Capital Building as “legitimate political speech”. Nonsense Poppy!

The former president is not leaving. He will do everything in his power to return to the presidency in 2024. As he said, he will forgive the people who participated in the January 6 uprising. Republican Party members and politicians should decide whether they are loyal to the former president or ready to move on.

There are politicians and party members who have recently criticized the former president, the fringe that adamantly supports him, the flip-flops that try to appease him, and the many politicians who have remained silent for fear of losing their own election.

What do we do, as concerned citizens? We must inform ourselves, separate the truths from the untruths, and know the positions taken by our national, state and local leaders. We must tell them of our convictions.

This year, Republicans approved new state laws giving them unprecedented control over the conduct of elections and the counting of votes. More and more states are now considering laws to gain more control over elections.

Warning! Those elected in the November elections as members of Congress, governors, secretaries of state, attorneys general, state legislators, county board of elections, mayors, local officials and even school boards will have an important role to play. in determining our future.

To be clear, regardless of the political party, whether national, state or local politicians, supported by party members, use lies, conspiracy theories, authoritarianism. nativism, subterfuge. gerrymandering, voter suppression, manipulation of people and systems, and spreading fear, our citizens should use the November voting process to prevent them from being elected or re-elected.

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